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Wood chipper blowing tree branches cut up into the back of a truck. A tree chipper or wood chipper is a portable machine used for reducing wood into smaller wood chips.

Expert Tree Removal & Hauling

After cutting down a tree, the next question is “Where do I put this?”. For most people, figuring out how to get rid of large trees in their yard can be a headache. The arborists at George’s Tree Service can help you get rid of that tree, no problem! Our “tree surgeons” are guided by over 40 years of tree service experience, meaning you’ll always receive the best quality and tree removal service in the industry.

Frequent Questions We Get About Tree Removal & Hauling

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If a tree falls in your yard, here’s what you should do:

  • Make sure everyone on your property is safe
  • If there’s property damage, take photos and call your insurance company
  • Contact a professional tree removal company to safely remove the tree from your yard. If the tree has left an annoying stump in your yard, our stump grinding services can help you!

In most cases, these kinds of damages are paid for by the homeowner’s insurance company of the person who owns the damaged property.

Here are some signs that a tree in your yard may be falling soon:

  • A hole in the trunk, which indicates that the tree is pruning itself of dead branches
  • Your tree is missing bark or has deep cracks in the trunk
  • Rotten roots

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