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At George’s Tree Service, our friendly, experienced Fresno tree service team is here to help you make your yard look great! Since 1973, we’ve provided all types of tree services and can handle projects of all sizes and difficulty. When you see our tree service truck pull up, you can be sure that every job will be done right and to your complete satisfaction.

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Tree Trimming & Pruning

Sick of branches scraping your roof and bringing bugs inside your home? Hiring a professional tree trimming company like George’s Tree Service will help you keep your trees looking clean and beautiful in your yard. While other landscapers can harm your trees through tree topping and other harmful practices, every arborist on our team is trained to carefully trim the trees on your property so they stay healthy, beautiful, and free from pest and disease.

Stump Removal & Grinding

After cutting down and felling a tree, there’s still more to do. Once we’ve cut down the tree, we need to grind and remove the tree stump from your yard. Proper stump removal means thoroughly removing the tree’s root system to ensure complete tree removal. In the case of old trees, complex root systems can be challenging to remove without professional help. We can also help you with stump grinding to help shred and grind stumps into wood chips.

Tree Removal & Hauling

If you have a tree that’s ugly or dangerous in your yard, you may want to consider removing it. Hiring a professional tree arborist will make sure the tree removal is done right, without you needing to take time to do it yourself. From carefully planning out the fall path of a large tree or dealing with a stubborn stump for a smaller tree, George’s Tree Service provides top-notch tree removal services.

Common Questions About Our Services

We’re here to answer any questions you may have.
This varies based on your specific city’s programs. Most trees near homes in Fresno are considered by the city to be under the care of homeowners, and tree care is the responsibility of those homeowners. You can visit Fresno City’s website for more information.
The price for tree services can range from $75 to $1000, though the price can vary depending on the size and difficulty of the project.

To stop your tree from dying, here are the steps we recommend taking:

  • Identify the reason why the tree is dying.
  • Correct any watering issues and make sure you have good drainage.
  • Don’t use too much mulch since it can be harmful to your trees if used in excess.
  • Correctly prune your trees and remove diseased sections
  • Avoid spraying lawn fertilizer too close to your trees
You should trim your trees between late fall and the early days of spring. Most trees have a pruning cycle of 3-5 years, but this can vary based on the type, size, and health of your trees. It’s best to talk to a local tree service company that knows the best way to take care of your trees based on local weather and other factors.

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